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Hovercraft are fully amphibian air cushion vehicles, they hover on cushion of air and fly over various surfaces like land, water, snow, ice, white water, mud, grass and more. Hovercraft will simply take you everywhere. Hovercraft are 100 % environment friendly vehicles. Hovercraft do not damage the vegetation where they hover. Hovercraft leave no tracks behind. Hovercraft make no waves like a boat. Hovercraft are simply awesome vehicles, easy to learn and fun to fly. Unlike any other vehicles. They are fun and ready for you to try them.

Rent a hovercraft at hovercraft theme park

Large hovercraft park Juraski, operating on large area with land and water. This is a dream land for every hover crafter. Hover-crafting area is spreading on wide 24 ha big area of land including all types of terrains, flat surface as well ass hilly surface in combination with artificial lakes. In winter snow and ice hovering, in summer times land and water hovering. There are 5 Tornado hovercraft available to rent and waiting for you to ride them and reaci with your friends. Juraski Park offers also covered tents with tables, catering and toilets. Park can accept smaller as well as larger groups of people. For more information please visit Juraski Park website
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